The United States is experiencing a trend toward a greater awareness of the dangers of indoor air pollution. Air duct systems have been found to gather unhealthy accumulations of various airborne pollutants, such as dust, pollen, animal hair, construction debris, insects and mice, all of which are natural incubators of pests, bacteria, fungi and mold.

Numerous recent studies have found that diseases can originate in and are easily spread by ventilation systems. To insure that our customers have a properly cleaned system, the contaminants must be removed. These contaminants can include dust mites, bacteria, mold and construction debris. The best method for achieving this level of cleanliness is source removal. Our technicians utilize multiple source removal techniques with state of the art equipment and technology. First, we air wash and sanitize each register in every room of the home, then we cut openings into the duct systems and brush, whip and air wash the interior duct wall with compressed air (185 psi) to dislodge the debris trapped in the ducts. We have powerful vacuums, equipped with hospital type HEPA filters that trap all particles up to 1/300th the diameter of a human hair, which pull the dislodged contaminants from the ducts into its filter, delivering air that is 99.97 percent free of pollutants. All contaminants are contained during the process.

Advent technicians take extra care to perform these services in the cleanest, neatest and most efficient manner possible. When inside a home, the technicians wear surgical booties so they won’t soil any flooring. We will be happy to discuss your air quality concerns with you on the telephone, or to meet with you for an on site evaluation of your home. At Advent, we care about the air you breathe.

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